Day 7/8 & Turkey tomorrow!

Today couldn’t have gone any better if I wanted it to.

Our 3rd blood check and scan was today…everything is growing perfectly! I have a total of 3 more injections left between today and tomorrow and that is IT! Ahhh sweet relief!

Tonight I get one more injection of Gonal-F, tomorrow morning I get one more injection of the bastard Ganirelix, and tomorrow night I get the trigger! I am so freaking excited we have a scheduled ER date and time for Saturday at 8am!

It’s amazing how big the follicles get in a few days on all these hormones…

The last few injections have been awful because my stomach is so tender from all the injections that even squeezing to get the right spot hurts…but soon it will all be over…I can’t. freaking. wait.

Tomorrow, I get to spend time with my whole family, eat turkey, and stay over my brother’s house and he gets to witness my last injection of this cycle…how exciting?

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! It’s kind of ironic that this is occurring around the time of year when turkey basters are prevalent lol


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