Days 3-6

So far (knocks on wood) the injections haven’t been terrible.  I’m a baby when it comes to needles and they haven’t been bad.

Saturday we went for scan#1 and everything looked great, medication stayed the same and this morning we went for scan#2.  Things looked so good that I had to start my Ganirelix this morning! We had a few at 16, some at 14, and a couple smaller…which is great! Medication still staying the same and on Wednesday morning I have another appointment where we will be bringing the hcg to get mixed up and put in the refrigerator for a *hopefully* Thursday night injection! (at least, that’s what I am hoping for 🙂 )

Things are progressing nicely and I am very happy, excited, and mostly hormonal…god does this stuff exaggerate my feelings! LOL.

Good luck to all of you in the process! I didn’t know how I would handle this all being a complete puss puss with blood and needles but if I can do it, you all can 🙂


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