It’s official, the medicine is here!

My wonderful husband took half a day to get the medicine picked up and ready for me.  He did an excellent job, a few items were covered (the progesterone, the antibiotics, the codine, and I forget what else), we got a few freebies, a few samples, and a LOT of medicine.

What should have cost probably about $4,000 only cost us $2,000 so hats off to my hubby! I will also be using a few doses of his Bravelle in place of a box of Gonal-F to save on cost since he will be stopping his injections soon, just waiting on the word from Dr. H after all this is over.

I am scared to death of the needles but I trust he will be as gentle as he possibly can…he’s a pro at this now after doing it for 2 straight years on himself.  I’m lucky to have him keep me sane because I would be bouncing off the walls of an insane asylum by now.  Check out my stock pile!


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