Day 1 Stims!!!

I am SO happy I think I am going to cry (again!)

Today was the baseline appointment and it was FANTASTIC! Everything is quiet so we are starting my first injection today! We are ordering the meds today so it’s a good thing my husband has extra Bravelle to use in place of Gonal F for me for my first injection otherwise I would have to wait another cycle…and I don’t want to wait any more!

We were thrown a little off guard with all of this because I didn’t realize how much control they are going to have over me…they already have my next 2 appointments scheduled, they will be calling with instructions, I have no say in anything…but that’s their job and their major concern is making this work so I trust them completely.

I can’t believe I will be getting my first injection tonight, I am nervous and scared…Joe better be good to me!

I can’t believe this is finally happening, I feel like I am dreaming! Please don’t pinch me…


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