Day 2 and “Nakey” Photos

Tomorrow morning is my baseline testing and they will be ordering all my medications! I started freaking out a bit yesterday but I have calmed dramatically since.

This is really starting.

In an attempt to remember my body before we start this whole process, I scheduled a photo shoot that I did yesterday – I was half naked, all dolled up, and taking some sexy and dramatic shots.  I couldn’t stop laughing because Joe was with me in the studio being his typical self.  He tried to be what he calls sexy, meaning he was mooning the camera making awful “seductive” faces…it was hilarious.  It did calm me down though.  I can’t wait to get the pictures back…it was so much fun.  The photographer is even giving us a present for what we are going through…she will be doing an beeswax canvas of any photo I choose from yesterday’s shoot.  What a sweet gesture!



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