IVF Day 1

Or so it should be.  Today is the day that we schedule an appointment to start our IVF treatments.  Joe is trying to push for an appointment today since he has the day off for veterans day…

If all goes well at this appointment, my medications will be ordered.  We are trying to skip the BC phase as it is generally only needed if there are cysts and I have never had any so ::fingers crossed:: the appointment scheduled will be an eventful one.  If I had to do a cycle of BC then we may have to postpone a month because the surgical center has it’s inspection on the time frame I would have been scheduled for so I hope that this is it and I am being hopeful that this is really IVF CD1.

I am so excited about this at work that I am tearing up just thinking about it.  And Joe told me last night that when I was holding our friend’s baby while his girlfriend was getting checked out in the ER for pains (turned out to be appendix…) and rocking her to sleep, he said that I looked ready for this.  I have always been ready for this…there’s no doubt about it but I guess I finally looked ready and that is a good thing.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that we can get the appointment today but if not, in the next couple days we will be at the office to check things out and hopefully get all the medications ordered 🙂
Edit: No appointment today as they do all the blood work in the morning so we are waiting for a call back for appointment date and time…


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