KeeKoo – I want to buy everything!

It’s finds like this that make me want to buy as much as I can while it is cheap.

I stumbled upon a US Based members only website for pregnancy & baby merchandise up to 80% off retail value.  I just signed up today and the prices are pretty wild…and by wild I mean cheap.  You get $10 off credit when you sign up and $10 for each referral so I said why not?

I can’t wait until this ivf thing is all done because I am going to be spending money like it’s going out of style on all things baby.  I have been dying to buy something but I couldn’t bring myself to do it in the event that something happens…or doesn’t happen…you know what I mean.

If you wish to sign up you can do so here:

That is my personal invite, please use me as your referral to receive credit 🙂

This time next week I “should” have another appointment (and more blood work! ::shudder::) and then we will decide when this whole process is going down…

Exciting times are coming, and just in time for the holiday season.  Hopefully knowing this is the cheery time of year won’t make me a hormonal biatch when I start the stims – I hope Joe know what he’s in for 😉



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