Consultation is over…

So the consultation was yesterday.  I don’t know if I am happy with how it went or not yet…I mean I am really happy to finally be stepping in the right direction for our goals…

It turns out that none of the medications are covered so we will have to pay out of pocket for those and it also turns out that there is no Egg Sharing program available so we will have to pay out of pocket for that as well.  We are looking at 13-15K when all is said and done…we spent $800 in the last 2 days with labs and the consult so this money thing is starting to get REAL.  We can do this, it is just going to be really tight and I hope it does not cause any anxiety.

My doctors are also pushing for 1 embryo while Joe’s doctor would like to see 2 embryos implanted.  Joe and I are ok with the idea of 2 so I think we will stick with that because ultimately, it is our decision.  They are just worried because of my small frame, I think…but I know someone smaller than I am who carried twins full term with no complications so I am certain I can do it as well.

Joe had to go for his first of 2 frozen samples on Wednesday and blood work and urine analysis…blood work results are still pending but it turns out that he does NOT have to go for a second frozen sample because they were able to get 2 vials with enough swimmers to do ICSI…so, good news! Saves over $400 we were expecting to pay for a second frozen sample.

This is starting to get real and get real fast.  We are expecting to talk to the financial lady in the next couple days to see if there are any ways to get a little bit of assistance as this is going to drain us…once we have everything we need Joe can stop his medication which will help a lot financially but that won’t be until everything is done and paid for and it also probably depends on if we get any frozen embryos to save…

I have to call the office back in approx 17 days to schedule another appointment and from there we take it by ear…we have to call the pharmacy to get the prices of medication when Joe’s guy returns on Monday…

I am happy and nervous and also completely anxious over the cost but I know what I want, I know what WE want and we cannot put a price on happiness…

Anyone have any suggestions on how to cut the costs down or found any programs that help those who do not have any insurance coverage?


2 thoughts on “Consultation is over…

  1. First look at how difficult your situation is. See if your clinic offers options for multiple attempts at a discount. Some even have programs where you get a partial refund back if you don’t end up with a baby at the end. If you have to go back for egg retrieval for a second time, then this option pays for itself and you still have an option for a 3rd attempt. The only way you usually lose financially is if you get a child from the first egg retrieval. But for me, knowing you have more attempts already paid for will be a big weight off your worries, so it may even still be worth it if you can handle the extra expense of the bigger loan.

    Don’t expect any financing the cover drug costs. So you will need other means to pay for them. If your financing does cover the drugs, let me know so I can bitch out my doctor!

    Shop around for the drugs. I was able to save about $700 by splitting the Rx between pharmacies. For some reason one pharmacy would be cheap on drugs X and Y, but high on Z. And another one would be cheaper on Z, but higher on drugs X and Y. Your RE should work with you splitting between the pharmacies to get you the best price. Ask about discount programs. Many will sign you up for a small fee but gives you a discount on the drugs. Also ask about syringes and needles. Some provide them for free, others will charge you. If they want you to use Ganirelix, ask if Cetrotide might be an optional alternative. A couple months ago Ganirelix was in short supply and I found Cetrotide much cheaper saving more money.

    Finally ask about shipping charges. Some will overnight for free, others will charge you a fee. I set up a spreadsheet to track all this as I made each call so I remembered to ask about each point and could easily compare pricing and get the best overall price.

    Good luck!

  2. Thank you! My husband has the best pharmacy for infertility drugs, he has been using them for the past 2 years and they are excellent.

    We should not need multiple attempts, hopefully 1 is all we need as all my tests have checked out better than perfect. There is a payment plan available but I think we would rather get this done and paid for in one shot…I was able to talk my boss into advancing my bonus which helps a lot so we are almost 100% able to cover the expenses up front…it looks like we may have to put a small amount on a credit card but that is no big deal.

    Thank you for your input 🙂 It is greatly appreciated and it is nice knowing we aren’t the only ones in this situation!

    Oh, PS…we were also told financing will not cover the meds…so no need to bitch out your doctors…we are used to that, though, as my husband has to dish out $1,000/month for the last 2 years on medications…this is why we want to get this done ASAP because the longer we wait the longer he has to be on the meds which means the more we will end up spending…

    Good luck to you and yours as well!

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