Consultation tomorrow!

It seems to have taken forever to get to this day, but we have our full consultation tomorrow.  I “should” find out what drugs I will be on, I should find out when I am to be starting them, I should probably get my Birth Control Prescription.

I have a list of questions, I have a calendar of Nov-Dec printed so I can get estimated dates and fill them in.

For the first time ever I can say that I am not nervous at all for this appointment…I mean I was tortured the last 3 times I was in the office so this talking thing is going to be a breeze…I can’t wait to find out the next step…

Joe went for his first of 2 frozen samples today…and they gave him the trifecta of tests, blood, semen, and urine.  They took all his fluids!  His next frozen sample will be done in November so I’ll get on his case to get that scheduled early so we don’t run into the same problem as we did this time with the timing of everything…
I can’t believe we will be starting the BCP in a couple weeks!! The process will officially begin on the first pill…I am happy. 🙂


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