Sonohysterosalpingogram & Endometrial Biopsy

On Thursday I had the last of my invasive tests.  I had to come back for the Sonohysterosalpingogram and while they were down there, an Endometrial Biopsy.

Basically they, again, filled me up with a bubbly saline solution…this time inside my uterus…and again went in with the ultrasound to look at this solution light up on the screen…they were basically checking for any oddities like polyps.  After taking the umpteenth picture of my ovaries and uterus in the last 3 days and telling me the worst of it was over my doctor says to me “Ok, now you are going to hate me…”

What?! I thought you said the worst was over???

While they were in there and to cover all bases they decided to do an endometrial biopsy…in the catheter went and I freaked out when the pain hit…that was the weirdest/most painful thing I have ever experienced (mind you I have never had any major injuries to compare this to…no broken bones, etc)

Once that was over she said she didn’t have enough so back in she went and again I freaked out and squirmed in agony…finally she said she thought she had enough to run all the tests necessary but in the event she did not have enough we would do that procedure one more time…at that moment I knew I didn’t want to have to come in for this again so I told her to go in one last time and get it over with just in case they needed more samples.

I bared down, clenched my teeth and the bed and counted to 10 one more time as she took one final sample…

Afterwards I was dizzy and nauseous after going through all that…I think that was more because I was panicking…the pain afterwards was painful but bearable…I never ever ever want to do that again.  I took my last antibiotic this morning, my abdomen was swollen and sensitive since Thursday but it finally feels much better today.  I haven’t taken any pain reliever since yesterday afternoon so I must be feeling better!

For how scared and nervous I was for that whole week of tests my doctor is very proud of me.  She said she has had a bunch of patients give up at this part and knowing how petrified I was of everything she was very proud of how I handled everything.  I only had one real emotional meltdown and that was prior to any test and I keep saying whatever needs to be done just do it because I will do ANYTHING to make this happen.  I am proud of myself, too, in how many fears I have over come to get to this point…and soon I will have to face my worst enemy, the dreaded needles…

We have our full Consultation scheduled for October 25th where we will go over all my medications and I will be going back in early/mid November for another scan, some more blood work, and my birth control prescription.

The worst is over…I am glad I got it all over with in one week because if I had time to think of it I would have been in an even bigger state of panic.


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