Tube Test and Sonohysterosalpingogram

Well, yesterday I had a tube test with Saline Solution to make sure they were both open and free of blockages, which they were.  There was minimal discomfort during the procedure but I started feeling crappy a few hours later…like I did 1,000 situps…my abdomen was very tight and sore to the touch.

From what I understand, today is going to be the worst of the tests…I have to go for a Sonohysterosalpingogram at the hospital in a few hours.  I was advised to eat and take Ibuprofen an hour before my arrival as it will help with some of the discomfort.  I can’t say I am not scared, I am petrified, but I am getting a little less freaked out each day…maybe because my vag has been on display more than I ever imagined…It gets easier but it doesn’t get less awkward and uncomfortable.

I hope I am not in as much pain as I was in yesterday afterwards but two days straight of torturing my insides is probably going to result in my wanting to be in fetal position all night…but I can’t do that…I have to work from home to make up some time as I am only working a half day today in the office.

I think the testing stage is nearly complete and we have only gotten wonderful results from my tests so hopefully we can schedule the full consult and meeting with the financial lady who will be helping us figure out if we can get any sort of discounts or help with any of the costs…that would be great if we could save a little bit of money with all of this.


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